Shibuhara Girls Premieres on MTV Asia

Shibuhara Girls MTV Asia

Sorry MTV, I really, really hated The Hills — but there’s good news though as the network could redeem itself with its newest reality offering, Shibuhara Girls.

“Shibuhara” is a contraction of Shibuya and Harajuku, the names of two of Tokyo’s most iconic youth districts, and dual centers of Japan’s fashion and music culture.

The show will follow four young Japanese women involved in the fashion and entertainment industries, as their daily triumphs and small heartbreaks unfold before the camera.

Ishikawa Marie and Miyawaki Shion both belong to the same record company — one is a rising star, the other is just moderately succesful and unfortunately on the verge of losing her recording contract. Sun Wei and Akimoto Kozue on the other hand are both models — one of them is ethnic Chinese who grew up in Japan, and the other is the famous daughter of one of Japan’s most reknowned Sumo champions.

“Shibuhara Girls” was filmed with the cooperation of music label Avex (responsible for Ishikawa Marie and Miyawaki Shion) and model agency LesPros (responsible for Sun Wei and Akimoto Kozue). It is tagged as the first big-budget reality show to be filmed and produced in Japan and aired internationally. The show will start airing in the Phillipines via MTV Asia on Saturday, 5 February 2011.

Japanese street fashion fans and pop star wannabes — tune in, take notes 😀

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