Sony Announces NGP — AKA PSP2


Get ready to rob a bank — the Sony PSP2 uh sorry, NGP may be out by the end of the year. In a much-anticipated media launch witnessed all over the world thanks to this magical device called the Internet, Sony has revealed their next generation portable gaming console that industry pundits are touting to be “a PS3 in your pocket”.

The NGP nee PSP2 features two analog buttons, motion control, an intruiguing from-behind touchscreen, HDTV-quality graphics, wireless connectivity, and a brain that’s powerful enough to process PS3-level gameplay and graphics. The NGP has also shed its UMD drive in favor of new form of proprietary media storage (most probably another version of Sony’s Memory Stick). This will allow the device to become backwards compatible with many games downloaded via the PlayStation Network; however, this also spells the end for the UMD as a media device.

A plethora of game studios are already on board to release titles as soon as the new portable gaming platform becomes available. Several of these include CAPCOM, NAMCO-BANDAI, LEVEL 5, SEGA, SNK, and SQUARE ENIX. Some developers are already praising the ease with which they can make games for the NGP/PSP2, citing that they were able to come up with demos in mere days simply by importing existing components from the game’s PS3 versions (the PS3 has always been reviled by programmers as being “difficult to work with”).

Personally, I am so freaking happy I held out this long for a new device instead of getting a PSP 3000 >:D However, I might have to wait a little bit longer and wait for the PSP2 2000 ^^;; If the first PSP was anything to go by, the second version of the device will be a serious upgrade from the initial offering (just look at my still beautiful PSP 2000 Crisis Core Limited). If I’m going to be plonking down serious cash (estimates put the NGP/PSP2 at about USD 500 — the price of an entry-level laptop), I might as well get my money’s worth :DDDD

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