Video Game Awards 2010 Prescreening Event Report

Animax Asia Video Game Awards 2010

Spike TV’s Video Game Awards are held annually to pay tribute to the biggest and best videogames of the previous year. The 2010 Awards were held last 11th December 2010 in Los Angeles, and was aired in over 175 countries worldwide.

Animax Asia (Skycable Ch 46) will be airing the show in South East Asia on 23rd January 2011 at 7:10 PM. Before that however, they gave selected Animax fans a sneak peek via the Animax VGA VIP streaming site.

This year’s show was hosted by “How I Met Your Mother” lady-killer Neil Patrick Harris — who, incidentally, did voice work as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the latest Spider-Man videogame entitled Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension. Also presenting awards during the show was gamer babe Olivia Munn, Serenity and Halo:Reach’s Nathan Fillion, pro-skater Tony Hawk, and Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro.

Apart from the awards themselves, the show’s highlights were the big reveals by major gaming studios: BioWare announced Mass Effect 3, Bethesda Softworks announced the new Elder Scrolls title Skyrim, and Guillermo del Toro announced his first foray into videogames entitled inSANE. Trailers for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the new Mortal Kombat with God of War’s Kratos, and the highly anticipated Portal 2 were also screened.

The big winners of the night included Mass Effect 2 — which took home Best RPG, Best XBOX 360 Game, and Studio of the Year for BioWare, and God of War III — which took home Best PS3 Game and Best Graphics. Call of Duty: Black Ops fans are in for a big disappointment as the game — one of the biggest selling titles in the history of gaming, snagged only the Best Shooter prize despite multiple nominations.

The biggest winner by far for the 2010 awards was Rockstar’s western third-person shooter Red Dead Redemption. The game was awarded Best Original Score, Best Song in a Game, Best DLC for Undead Nightmare, Best Original Game, Best Zombie Game, and last but not least — Game of the Year. RDD clearly deserved the acclaim, as it is one of the highest-rated games of all time — praised by numerous industry pundits for its unique environment, engrossing game-play, and deep storyline.

Although the show was fun and is a good way to spend an hour away from the games featured in the nominations list (I especially loved the TMZ insert), it is definitely not family entertainment ^^;; It is, after all, produced by Spike TV. It should be noted though that the humour that permeates the show is representative of what the gaming population is today — not just a bunch of kids playing Mario, but includes driven young adults investing a lot of time and money into their expansive virtual worlds.

I was a tad disappointed by the lack of representation for the Japanese gaming industry — considering that it is just as large as (if not slightly larger than) their North American counterpart. However, I do understand the show’s bias for homegrown American games, and do not begrudge them that. After all if this was organized by — say, Famitsu, then the nominations list would be flooded with the newest permutations of Final Fantasy, Pokemon, or Zelda.

VGA was a hoot for me, and it should be pretty entertaining for you guys as well. To get the complete list of premieres, nominees, and winners, and to see what else the 2010 Video Game Awards has to offer, catch the South East Asia broadcast on Animax Asia (Skycable Ch 46) — 23rd January 2011 at 7:10 PM.

Thanks to Animax for the invites to the prescreening of VGA 2010.

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