Libre Sends C&Ds to Scanlation Circles

Libre Sends C&Ds Scanlation Circles Liquid Passion/Biblo Eros Bliss Attractive Fascinante Blissful Sin Fushichou

Spotted on ANN: BL manga publisher Libre Shuppan has confirmed that it has sent Cease and Desist letters to scanlation circles that have been translating and releasing Libre titles without permission.

Libre is part of the manga publishers coalition made up of Japanese manga companies and their overseas licensees whose goal was to eliminated the illegal distribution of manga.

The C&Ds first came to the attention of BL fans when popular scanlation circles were either pulling titles from their libraries or whose sites were suddenly offline. As of today the following groups have received C&Ds and/or have gone on hiatus: Liquid Passion/Biblo Eros, Bliss, Attractive Fascinante, Blissful Sin, and Fushichou.

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  1. M A O says:

    I just learned that this is the reason why some of my favorite scanlation sites dropped the BL Mangas I’ve been religiously following. It’s sad but it is understandable. DP Scanlations also received the C&D, if not, they just followed suit along with these major scanlating groups.


  2. yeah — i’m afraid the circles have no other course of action because the law is on the publishers’ side.


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