Saizen (Daiso) Opens Trinoma Branch, Holds Wipe Out Sale!


Saizen (Daiso) Wipe Out Sale New Trinoma Branch

Hyakuen shop Saizen will be holding a month-long wipe out sale at all of its branches: the flagship Robinsons Galleria branch, the second store at Marquee Mall, a third branch in Ali Mall Cubao, and its newest outlet at Trinoma. The sale starts the 1st of August and ends 31st of August 2010.

Prices on selected Saizen items in all four stores will be switched around from PhP 85 to a mind-blowing PhP 58. Plus, Saizen will be holding a special event on the 20th to the 22nd of August 2010 at the Robinsons Galleria Atrium, where even their most popular items get the PhP 58 switcheroo.

Hyakuen shops are Japanese discount dry goods stores that sell everything from kitchenwares and travel accessories to crafting items and toiletries, all at one price: 100 yen (hence the name, hyakuen). In Japan the largest chain is run by Daiso. Saizen runs the official licensed Philippine stores of the Daiso group.

Thank you very much to Ms. Angela and Ms. Josette of Saizen Daiso.

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  1. tintin says:

    Great! I’ll check out the Marquee Mall store this weekend 😀


    1. lol have fun 😀


  2. Xine says:

    Wow! Thanks for the info. I wish they’ll open an outlet in Makati too.


    1. i agree! they should really look into expanding in the south 🙂


  3. bamboo says:

    we have a mall selling in FGU tower on aug 9-13


    1. thanks for the heads-up, bamboo!


  4. retsu says:

    woah! I didn’t know that! must visit TriNoMa branch!
    thanks Rotch!!


  5. Valerie says:

    I didn’t know about the wipe out sale but I dropped buy a couple of days ago to buy cups and to my great dismay, they still have the old designs. I’ve always wanted something new since I’ve bought a couple of cups a year ago. Hopefully after the wipe out, they get to put in completely new products. Although I think I bought the most recent items for P85. I wonder how customers would know that some items are only P58… Wasn’t able to see any sign. 😦

    I’ve been to Japan’s Daiso and surprisingly, not all products are Y100. Some go higher, but they don’t reach 200 or 300, I think. These Hyakuen stores have saved my sorry kitchen life! Non-stick frying pan for a couple of hundred yen. Thank God for it!

    Thanks for sharing! 😀 Love your blog, by the way!


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