Noli Me Tangere BL Game Whut?!


Shingakkou Noli Me Tangere

All Filipino high school grads are familiar with Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Jose Rizal’s two-part tirade against the injustices of the 300-year Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

It looks like Rule 34 has not spared these classics of Philippine literature, with the development and imminent release of Pil/Slash’s latest boys love visual novel Noli Me Tangere.

Although to be fair to Rizal, probably the only thing his novel and the game have in common is the title. Set during the Second World War in an isolated seminary school in England, Pil/Slash’s Noli Me Tangere explores the daily lives and reveals the hidden past of twin brothers Michael and Gabriel Levi.

Awash in illicit affairs, torture and caning, and lascivious priests (wait, why does that sound familiar?), Noli Me Tangere is a more sinister take on the all-boys school genre of boys love visual novels. There is no official release date for now, but if I manage to get my hands on an installer expect a full-length review very soon.

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  1. Jay says:

    I knew that you would talk about this. I’m disappointed. Really.


  2. 3GmBrain says:

    OSM rule 34! 🙂 But isn’t Levi a Jewish last name?


  3. @jay lol why the hell not? it is my blog after all, and i did start the plurk meme early this week…

    @3GmBrain yes, levi is a jewish name – weird, isn’t it? if they used an irish surname (given that a huge majority of them are catholic), that would’ve been more believable.


  4. Zetsubo-san says:

    Noli Me Tangere means “Touch Me Not”
    I wonder how that title will fit on the storyline itself.


    1. from what i’ve read of the synopsis, the twins have intimacy problems after their parents and younger sister were murdered by a cult. since this is a visual novel and the story can fork into several different paths, the implications of the title could mean anything from their revulsion at being physically abused by perverse clergymen, or a more metaphorical sense of being closed off from normal human emotions.

      i’ll still have to play the game though, to confirm my speculation~


  5. JyouHissatsu says:

    Kekekeke. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day there will be BL games that features GomBurZa, Lapu-LapuXMagellan BonifacioXAguinaldoXMabini, the incest of Luna Brothers, the ORGY in La Liga Filipina… the possibilities are endless.


    1. i wouldn’t be surprised if somebody actually came out with those~


  6. Marie says:

    My first reaction was “WHAAAAAAAAAT?!”

    And then I read the article… kinda disappointing ne? I was expecting EliasxIbarra XDDD

    Not that I like them IRL >.>

    But I’d still love to play the game. Sounds interesting indeed XD


    1. lol if someone in the philippine community actually made and released a game based on the rizal novels i’d pay good money to play that 😀


  7. Vani Jane says:

    I only heard of this game an hour ago and I stumbled upon your site ’cause I wanted to know more about the game. I was actually expecting that it was like about Jose Rizal’s novels. O.O

    Thank heavens it wasn’t because I’d be taking classes about Rizal during the upcoming semester and I wouldn’t want to gush out during classes. XD

    Is it up for an English release? I really want to play it – badly! *ehem*fujoshi*ehem* ^//^



    1. no english release in the works, i’m afraid ^^;;


  8. kathleen says:

    No news from TV stations about this?O_O They were like competiting terribly on who will get the best scoops about Rizal etc. etc.and they never stumbled upon this?XD
    Gaaah…I wish I could try my hands on that game…


    1. hahahaha the way some channels have been painting him as some sort of saint, i doubt they will have the sense of humour to feature this in a broadcast piece.


  9. eVel says:

    LOL, gawds, I was actually searching for decent character reference pictures for my sister’s report, until I stumble upon this, and I was like, ‘OH HELL YEAH!’

    Truthfully, almost half the time, our whole class was formulating BL love scenes on every single El Fili chapter with every pairing possible (EliasxIbarra, BasillioxIbarra, …even Padre DamasoxIbarra. O_O; Idk why. And it was mutually agreed that everyone tops Ibarra. Again, idk why.)

    ‘Tis actually the second Filipino literature we tweaked up with BL, the first being ‘Florante at Laura’. XD

    But then, turns out it wasn’t really that similar. Haha, oh well. XD The game seems pretty much a must have though. (*u*)d


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