2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report


The 4th Toys, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, and Movies Convention, was held on the 28th of February to the 1st of March 2010 at the Main Atrium of the Robinsons Midtown Mall, Malate, Manila. We only showed up for a quick look-around on the second day since we were still tired out form the Nihongo Fiesta activities from the previous day.

2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report 2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report
2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report 2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report

There are a lot more merchants booths at this year’s con compared to last year’s, with many of them selling items at lower than SRP, which is a big deal considering that the larger toy cons like METRO COMICON and TOYCON charge about the same prices as retail outlets — and you have to pay entrance to get in.

Some of our best finds were TOMICA CHORO Q cars at just Php 50 each, and 1/6th male military and casual outfits from ONE SIXTH PINOY. My Junichi Hime managed to fit into a tailored three piece suit that they had on sale, and if I had an extra PhP 1800 lying around I’d have bought it on the spot.

2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report 2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report
2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report 2010 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report

What’s a con without cosplay, right? TAGCOM has cosplayers in spades — a little too much if you ask me, as many of them could no longer fit into the event space and spilled out into the adjacent halls. It would’ve been no problem, but some of them were a little too excited and started rough housing around even in front of shops and cafes.

They should’ve followed the example of several cosplayers (and their attendant photogs) and hung out in the fountain area or in the smokers terrace on the second floor. Personally, I found the open space and late afternoon light to be much more forgiving for photos, giving the cosplayers a nice glow and even skin tone.

That’s it for this con — thanks to Jesuke, Naoko, Neph, Erving, JM and Ryan who we ran into at ground zero. See you guys again very soon!

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  1. Sese says:

    o/ Nice to see you there too Ate Rotch and yeah it was really crowded inside -_-


  2. same to you sese — hope you can run with my suggestion for your next cosplay costume >:D


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