Have your own Anisong concert at Wako Family KTV!

Updates: As of February 2015, Wako Family KTV has closed down. They will be missed.

Wako Family KTV Photo by Nightspot Makati

Last weekend after UP AME no Jidai, my flatmate and I found ourselves in Makati with nothing else to do. It was too early and we were loathe to go home, so we ended up on the other side of Makati Avenue for a spot of karaoke at Wako Family KTV 😀

The staff greeted us like regulars even if we had not dropped by in several months. Immediately, they handed us three Japanese song books (one sorted by artist, another by song title, and another one filled with anime and tokusatsu theme songs) and escorted us to our room. After ordering a round of drinks we immediately got down to business, reaching the twenty song queue limit on their DAM system in about five minutes.

Wako employs the Japanese DAM Karaoke System instead of the more ubiquitous Korean Kumyong System, assuring singers of better sound quality than your typical videoke machine, and a wider selection of Japanese pop tunes. DAM even has an option that automatically uploads songs to the local machine weekly via the internet, although I think Wako’s database has not been updated in months.

To illustrate the depth of the song list: there are close to sixty song entries for L’ Arc~en~Ciel, over eighty for Hamasaki Ayumi, and as many as three hundred anime and tokusatsu image and theme songs (Macross, Gundam, Code Geass, Kamen Rider, etc.). We spent close to four hours just killing our throats, and never had so much fun in our lives 😀

Wako Family KTV is located along Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road) in Makati City, near the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Arnaiz Avenue (MAP). They are open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 AM everyday. Rates are PhP 85 per head for each hour of karaoke, but ladies get half off from midnight to closing time.

They offer a relatively affordable selection of food and drinks, however items bought from outside stores will be charged corkage fees. When selecting a room, always ask for the Japanese songbook to be brought out as sometimes they are stored at the bar. Have fun kids!

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  1. Romeo says:

    OMG! This is the first time I’ve heard of this KTV. And it’s in Makati nonetheless. o_O

    Thanks so much for sharing. ^_^


  2. metatron says:

    Thanks for the tip o/


  3. eva_guy01 says:

    OMG I’m there!!!


  4. @eva_guy01 sing WATASHI NO KARE WA PILOT >:D


  5. jani says:

    Dapat karaoke party na lang pag visit ko!


  6. Shabby says:

    I had a feeling that place is good. Ever since it opened, I have been itching to go there. XD


  7. Judith says:

    Oh my god, thanks for sharing this! It’s just a jeepney ride away from our house and I didn’t even know about it. o_o


  8. Bryan :D says:

    Nice. Now I can belt some macross frontier and k-on songs there. Hehehe


  9. maAkusutipen says:

    @bryan: sorry there isn’t macross frontier or K-on songs yet. To give you an idea up to what songs they carry…

    think first season of Honey and Clover… I hope that is a good estimate…

    raech may be saying watashi no kare wa pilot from the original macross…


  10. Rozeh says:

    @magnetic_rose: do you know Wako’s contact number? I badly want to know if they have rooms for 12-15 people?

    Great review for the KTV. My forum friends decided to go here. And thanks to Shabby for the suggestion. 😛


    1. i have to look for their business card as i can’t recall their number, but yes, they do have rooms for up to twenty people at a time.


  11. Rozeh says:

    Thank you for confirming it. 😉 I can’t wait to sing anisongs. 😀


  12. sachi says:

    WOOOW! romaji or furigana yung characters? 😀


    1. sorry — full kanji i’m afraid~ ^^;;


  13. rain chu says:

    OMG!!!! thanx for this!! been searching for a karaoke place with japanese songs!! yey!!!! they do have KAT-TUN songs right?????


    1. yup — several KAT-TUN songs are on the list.


  14. rain chu says:

    if you don’t mind… could you name some KAT-TUN songs that they have on their songbook??

    ‘coz i called them earlier.. and the persons that i talked to are not sure if they have KAT-TUN songs.. she said that they are all in kanji.. but KAT-TUN itself if not written in kanji right? so i’m kinda confused.. gomen to much questions…


  15. sorry but i don’t listen to KAT-TUN so i have no idea which songs of theirs are in there; all i remember is that many JE bands have songs in the system — i guess you’ll have to check the tracklist for yourelf.


  16. rain chu says:

    oh.. thats alright.. thank you so much!!!!


  17. Lou says:

    can I ask you something?
    Pano po pumunta sa Wako from mrt Ayala station? thanks in advance


    1. you can walk from the station to the corner of arnaiz avenue (pasay road) and then follow it down all the way to wako. please check the map in the post for details.


  18. Chris says:

    For those who like English and OPM, do they have songs other than Japanese? O_o


    1. yes, they have songs in english and filipino — even korean, if you like k-pop.


  19. anna says:

    wako is my fav family karaoke…
    Wako is my Hang out!!!yeah…i love to sing and drink there…


  20. anna says:

    hello magnetic rose…good am…ask ko po kung tumatanggap ba ng visa card sa wako?
    kasi po mamaya plan km punta sa wako celebrate my bday ahihihi..kya lng wala akong cash..:( pwd po kaya?
    wait ko po reply…thanks..Godbless…


  21. omg i am so sorry for the late reply >.> but yes, i believe that they do accept major credit cards. i hope you guys had fun!


  22. arcueid says:

    omigaawd!! sugio!!!!!! exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! hiihihihhihihiihh!! thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! =3


    1. no worries — have fun!


  23. Jude Tan says:

    Na-develop ang aking singing voice dito sa WAKO. I just love this place very much.


  24. Anjo says:

    Hi. Ano po contact number nya for reservation..? Thanks.


    1. Sorry but they closed last February 2015.


  25. jekert says:

    Do you know of any other similar karaoke places that have update Japanese songs?


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