Shibuya Style at SM Megamall

Elecom Colours Ear Buds

Today I dropped by SM Megamall in what feels like a very long time, to pick up my laptop from the T-serve Center at Cyberzone. While the paperwork was being sorted out my flatmate and I went around the shops to kill time, and that’s how we ran across three really cool things that reminded me immediately of shopping Shibuya-style.

Elecom Fashion Ear Buds

Let’s face it, not everyone wants the same thing from their ear buds and headsets: some want performance, others style, and others affordability. Elecom has managed to come across a happy intersection for all three, coming up with three different lines of ear buds that are cool, cheap, and do not suck like those China-made headphones from CDRK >:D

Spotted in the accessories aisle of Octagon Computer is a good selection of Elecom ear buds in the Marina, Colours, and Drops lines. The Marina sets come in understated tones and clean lines, the Colours line looks like M&Ms candies, and the Drops line is studded with tiny Swarowski crystals and actually look like jewelry. Super cute with decent (but not exceptional) sound, and priced from PhP 600 to PhP 1000 — I’m a happy camper ❀

2% Japanese Street Fashion

Hidden deep in the Girls Teens section of SM Department store is a Japanese street style-inspired pret-a-porter line that has all the right looks but none of the ridiculous prices. I’m talking abut 2%, a small label that specializes in neutral tones and layered looks that go great with black tights and ballerina flats.

We picked up a dress for just PhP 450 (on sale from PhP 900) that looks absolutely fantastic — it looks like it came straight out of the pages of FRUITS. There are even more dresses on the racks that look like stuff from BLACK PEACE NOW and H. NAOTO. We love 2% and give it mad props all the way up to 102%!!!


Okay, first of all I know these puppies are Italian; however you can’t deny the Japanese influences splashed all over Simone Legno’s design aesthetic. TOKIDOKI’s silver necklaces, dangly ear rings, and ear pierces from the SM Department Store’s Boutique section are the perfect combination of morbid and cute, and are sure to please even the most discerning Japanese fashionistas.

Protip to the guys: if you want to give your girls jewelry that will impress them with their designer status and street fashion cache, but honestly don’t want to break the bank: get them this. They have items from PhP 1800 to PhP 2500 that I personally have seen to go for much, much more in foreign Duty Free shops.

So that’s about it for me — now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check my bank’s website to see how much damage I did to my credits cards with today’s supposedly quick trip to the repair shop >.>

6 Comments Add yours

  1. sephiroth says:

    There’s a 2% street fashion in SM O.O

    SM really lives up to their slogan XDDD


  2. Luie says:

    … *goes off in search of said 2% street fashion brand*


    1. it’s near one of the counters, i just don’t remember which one :/


  3. chelli says:

    LOL i have the same earbuds here in blue. they were cheap and the sound quality’s kinda good for such tiny things. blocks off outside noise quite well too ^^

    thanks for the tips i’ll be looking for these in SM now hahaha ^^


  4. Shabby says:

    Hmm, deep in the Girls Teens section? Dammit. I’m gonna skip on purchasing anything for the meantime. A part of me says I need to get my life straightened out first. ;_;


  5. lol @chelli cheap as they are they are still superior to those default ear buds that apple gives you with your new iPod >:D

    @shabby — i wish you all the best, i honestly do <3<3<3


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