Top Five Cosplay Items Found at Saizen

Cosplay Items Saizen Daiso Robinsons Galleria

Saizen is a Japanese household goods store located in the third floor of Robinsons Galeria. It is a great place for bento supplies and cute Japanese stationery, but did you know the store is also a good place to pick up cosplay supplies? Here are our top five picks for cosplay-related items from Saizen.


If you ever needed some bright blue eye shadow just once in your life, and found it wasteful to purchase something with a brand name, then Saizen’s PhP 88 array of inexpensive cosmetics can do the trick. They come in a veritable rainbow of colors, and are of better quality than those things you pick up from a sidewalk vendor.

Fake Nails

SQUARE ENIX’s female villain du jour or the latest celebrity grayu model is bound to have wonderfully impractical nails, so to complete the look fake nails are in order. Saizen has a collection of those — some of them already sporting 3D sculptures like roses or bunny rabbits. Delightfully tiny and impossible to live with on a daily basis, we nonetheless love them and hoard as many as we can.

Loose Socks

Every school uniform needs a pair of loose socks to complete the look, and Saizen is one of the cheapest places to get them. Sure major department stores also stock them, but they charge three times as much for a single pair. If you only need one for a weekend of cosplaying, the Saizen house brand of hosiery and socks should serve you well enough.

Sock Glue and Body Tape

What would loose socks be without sock glue? Sock glue is not only great for keeping your loose socks in the right place, they are also great for sticking parts of your costume to your body — especially for girls with revealing costumes. Save yourself from the embarrassment of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction; glue and tape yourself down completely before sashaying onstage.

Fake Boobs

This one is for the gents who like to dress up in little girl clothes. In the store’s gags and games section are inflatable boobs that puff up when you stick them to your chest and press hard. There’s no guarantee that they will stay up all afternoon while waiting for the cosplay competition, but they’re pretty good for a laugh or two.

One last word of advise: with all cosmetics — brand name or other wise, always patch test the product on the inside of your arm one or two days before you intend to use it (or in the case of fake nails, on your pinky finger). There’s nothing worst than finding out on the day of the cosplay competition that you’re allergic to your eye make up and it makes your eyelids swell to horrific proportions ala Hitch.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Mistral says:

    I remember the inflatable boobs~ I had to share it when I saw it. Also, i didn’t know they had body tape~ Nice find! 😀 Thanks for the informative article.


  2. i think the sock glue and the body tape run out pretty quickly so sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re not~


  3. Sean says:

    The last time we went to Saizen was the first week of August. My kids sister and I are eyeing on those fake nails and wish to set up a nail deviant art photo account. ^_^


  4. Sean says:

    Ooopsss… it supposedly be kid sister not kids sister. Hehehehe.


  5. Sese says:

    lol at the fake boobs, hahahahahaha


  6. lol @sean, @sese — fakies are fun ❤


  7. Romeo says:


    Fake bewbs?!

    Makes sense though, convenient stores in Japan have hardcore porn magazines on their shelves.


    1. lol if you think the fake boobs are funny, wait till you see the “girls sailor uniform for men” 😀


  8. Romeo says:

    Oh no. Impormasyon is too mucho.


  9. seedsop says:

    LOL! I saw that girl’s sailor uniform for men. It broke my brain.


  10. hannah says:

    i need the glue sock but i can’t find them. where did they put it? and i ask the sale’s lady there if they have glue socks but they don’t know if they have one. aah! i want to have the glue sock for my socks! 😦


    1. stocks are very erratic. i’ve only seen them at the shop once and then never again. just keep checking back at their cosmetic section whenever you are at the mall.


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