Magnolia Super Kart Series, Enchanted Kingdom Leg Event Report

Other than anime, I think the only things I watch on TV these days are Liverpool FC matches, Grand Slam tennis matches plus the occasional Masters tourney, and every single F1 race of the season.

I am an on-again off-again tifosi, but a tifosi nonetheless (despite my bemusement with the fact that currently Team Toyota — that little Japanese racing team that could, is just two points behind them in the team standings), and with news that Michael will be replacing Felipe as Ferrari’s D1 I am all pumped up again to stay up late and catch the races.

When my fabulous blogger friends dragged me off one Sunday to watch go-kart races, it didn’t take much to convince me to tag along. Everybody knows that many of the most talented F1 drivers in the circuit started off as kids on go-karts, and the prospect of seeing a beginnings of what could be someone’s legendary racing career was too much to pass up (also, I like the smell of race exhaust — so there).

Magnolia Pure Water Karting Cup Enchanted Kingdom      Magnolia Pure Water Karting Cup Enchanted Kingdom

Magnolia Pure Water Karting Cup Enchanted Kingdom      Magnolia Pure Water Karting Cup Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom Leg of the Magnolia Super Kart Series was held on the afternoon of 2nd August 2009, as part of the park’s special line-up of events for Speed Month. The afternoon proved to be full of thrills and spills as kids of all ages — separated in age categories from six to sixteen took to the tracks, from Formula SL Novice and Expert classes to Cadet 60CC and Mini-Rok divisions.

With intermittent rains threatening to throw a wrench into the racing set-ups of many of the cars (forcing many teams to switch from slicks to rain tires and then back again), the afternoon was eventually dominated by a single racing outfit — TEAM READY2RACE, with ace Roby Benito leading his fellow R2R drivers CJ Tsui, Basti Escalante, and the rest of the team in multiple podium finishes.

READY2RACE manager and proud dad Chito Benito hopes that one of the kids under their stewardship eventually grows up to be the country’s first F1 driver.

Before the races, the park let us have a go at their rental karts (which are spec-stripped, powered-down versions of the championship karts lugged around by the racing teams), and it was piles of fun. I got the kart to drift halfway down one of the track’s tightest turns but unfortunately I also slammed into the same tirewall — thrice! Good job, me — I must’ve been channeling my inner Felipe Massa when I did that!

As it stood, it was Stupid Lefthand Curve Tirewall 3 – Rotch 0. Clearly, I need to start getting some serious track time if I don’t want that tirewall to extend its lead in our head-to-head competition :/

Thank you very much to Ms. Myla and the staff of Enchanted Kingdom, and Ms. Claire and the folks at READY2RACE for making this fun romp around the track possible.

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  1. I wish I’d gone 😮


  2. awww sorry @otaking i’d have loved to ask you to come with us, but i already had a guest with me and it would’ve been rude to bring another one T^T

    the good news is, there are still karting events at EK all august long! if you want to catch the next one, just show up next weekend and have yourself a go around the tracks~ 😀


  3. coffeebugg says:

    I believe Massa was D1 this season. but yes.. I’m pretty much pumped to see Schumi race in Singapore this September.. *glee*.. I’m missing karting..


    1. hiya coffeebug 😀 thanks for the heads-up. btw, does that mean SCHUMI will be taking over D1 as well, or will he play second fiddle to KIMI (who will move on to D1)?

      i am waiting and hoping that the request i put in with some people goes through and i get to see the night race at SG next month. if i push through well — i guess i’ll be seeing you there >:D


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