100th Post Giveaway

on 100th Post Giveaway

It’s Tanabata Day! It’s also a slow news day and I am seriously bored, so I figured I should give stuff away for lulz! So welcome to my 100th Post Giveaway, where the winner will receive a fun traditional Japanese prize pack filled with great Saizen stuff!

• one pack origami paper;
• one origami instruction book;
• one pair of decorated chopsticks;
• one two-tier bento box;
• one small furoshiki wrapping cloth

To join, simply answer the following: “Give me one good reason to learn the Japanese language.”

• Leaving a comment on this post with your answer will net you one raffle entry.

• Creating an entry in your blog with your answer plus a link back to this post nets you two raffle entries. Leave a trackback or a comment in this post with your post’s URL / permalink to validate your entry.

• Linking back to any related articles on (including EPHEMERAL and HALCYON) in your blog entries, as part of your answer to the contest question, nets you another entry.

Entries will be accepted from 7th July to 21st July 2009, at 23:59 +8 GMT. One winner will be picked through a list randomizer at RANDOM.ORG.

Contestants are required to supply a valid email address when they submit their entries in the comments section, as winners will be notified by e-mail.

If I have not received any communication from the winner up to five working days since I have contacted them about their prize, I will consider their winnings forfeited and will select a new winner from the other submissions.

This contest is limited to residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces of Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Cavite. Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. Feel free to contact me for any queries or clarifications.

23 Comments Add yours

  1. bluesonnet says:

    I need to learn the Japanese language to get myself a house in Japan to get a Japanese address to get in the Arashi fan club to get myself and a few others concert tickets for their 10th Anniversary Concerts. :DDDD


  2. Suzanne says:

    I need to learn the Japanese language so I can become a translator/interpreter and interpret Miss Universe contestant’s answers. XDDD


  3. Blake says:

    I need to learn the Japanese Language as well as being able to read Kanji so that I can understand and fully enjoy japanese video games that has no international versions 😀


  4. Karl says:

    I needed to learn the Japanese language (already learned it)because I’m taking an Engineering degree in a Japanese University, almost exclusively in Japanese…
    But in the end, I would say that Japanese came in most handy for picking up 20-something J-girls— read: nampa and gyaku-nan… lolz


  5. PJ Punla says:

    I need to learn the Japanese language because I want to be able to enjoy the feathery-shiny-sparkly madness that is the Takarazuka Kagekidan without needing the subtitles.


  6. mimie says:

    I need to learn Japanese to be able to play the nice DS games that don’t get translated to english, and the anime that don’t get fansubbed. I also need to learn it so that I can understand all the stuff I’m singing without researching the lyrics 😛


  7. mimie says:



  8. Arimalan says:

    I need to learn japanese to be able to really understand japanese lyrics. and have the ability to converse with japanese bands online. and not need subtitles when watching anime, or any japanese show for that matter.


  9. scriviner says:

    I need to learn Japanese so I can teach it to my son. That way we can watch anime together without subtitles or dubs. 😀


  10. ksolaris says:

    I need to learn the Japanese language so that when I go to B:Lily-Rose someday, I can let my host sweet-talk to me and I can melt into the furniture in a flurry of shojo bubbles. Bliss. Then I’ll also need to talk in that language so I can ask my host is she’d like to come visit me in the Philippines some time. :3


  11. hahaha hai guise — been loving the answers so far >:D please feel free to invite friends to join or pass the link around. thanks a lot and stick around for the drawing on the 21st. cheers!


  12. Cheena says:

    I need to learn the Japanese language so when I go to Japan (someday) I can talk to the locals without any difficulty 😀


  13. Kytha says:

    One excellent reason to learn Japanese is so I can actually understand and follow some of the recipes on those darn cooking sites– I mean, wouldn’t YOU want to be able to make some of the crazy cakes featured here ( ?


  14. nina says:

    Knowing how to read, write and converse in Japanese would greatly help when traveling in Japan.


  15. hidetoslave says:

    to know what to say to Inoran when I successfully kidnap him 😀


    1. lol @hidetoslave INORAN talaga e — alam ba ng mister mo yan?! XD XD XD

      yay good job @sisteena — you’re the only one with triple entries so far~ XD XD XD


  16. sisteena says:

    I need to learn the Japanese language so i can go there, make use of the eng’g stuff i learned from school, learn even more cool stuff from them, put all those knowledge to practice, and aim for WORLD DOMINATION! XD not to mention i could watch my boys make a fool of themselves without needing subs. ARASHI FOR DREAM~ lol

    i posted this on my journal as well to gain two raffle entries heehee~


  17. Ibeth Yap says:

    I need to learn Japanese so that I can propose to Matsujun.


  18. this contest is now closed — thanks for joining!!!


  19. hidetoslave says:

    Alam naman ni bryan na una kong minahal si Inoran kesa sa kanya 😀 😛 😀


  20. hahaha kawawa naman si bryan sobrang tough ng competition XD XD XD


  21. Georgia says:

    Are you going to do another giveaway? I missed this one 😦


    1. EHEHEHEH this is post is several years old — maybe join one of the newer giveaways?


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