Buyers Beware: Bootleg Nendoroids in Metro Manila


bootleg toys fakes Metro Manila Nendoroid

Nendoroid collectors in Manila beware! Giant toy chain Toy Kingdom has been unknowingly or knowingly selling bootleg Nendoroid sets as authentic products, and at prices comparable to the real thing.

Nendoroids are resin anime figures about half the size of most figures — only 14cm in height. They have oversized and highly detailed heads perfect for portraying moe characters. Their faces are interchangeable, as well as their arms and legs. Most are available in Japanese toy stores, although some are “special editions” or “limited editions” only available via mail-order or at special events.

I recently came across a post by one of the newer members of the figure collecting forums I belonged to, and was shocked to find out that she was sold some supposedly limited-edition SUZUMIYA HARUHI Nendoroids at an unbelievable price (if you factored in import costs and other charges).

Upon closer inspection however, the figures proved to be bootlegs: the paint jobs on their faces were less than perfect, and the print quality of the window boxes they came with were not 100% clean.

I quickly made my way to one of the largest branches of the Toy Kingdom chain at SM Megamall to prove if this claim was rumour or real, and was doubly shocked not only to find the said bootleg Nendoroids, I also found the exact same SUZUMIYA HARUHI set that was supposed to be an exclusive.

A quick check at the price tag confirmed that it was indeed being sold at Php 1200 — the selling price of authentic items in online toy stores and on EBAY, minus shipping charges. The item however bore the same imperfect resin paint job and window box printing. Whether the chain was aware or not, it did appear that they were offering bootlegs up for sale.

So if you are a serious Nendoroid collector, it would be best to resist the temptation of a “bargain” at the huge toy chain, and purchase your figures at trusted specialty shops instead.

And if someone connected to the purchasing department of Toy Kingdom, or the SM family of stores reads this: please be aware that some of the merchandise you are offering for sale are fakes. Please do the right thing and pull them out immediately, before another collector gets cheated, and your reputation is damaged even further.

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  1. marian says:

    gAwk, I’ve been looking for nendoroids in local stores here in the PH for ages, do you know where else could I buy authentic nendoroids?

    This would really be a big help, thanks a lot. 🙂


  2. hi there marian 😀 please consider purchasing NENDOROIDs from these trusted sources instead 🙂 it may seem more expensive at first, but eventually you will realize that it’s money well-spent for genuine merchandise, rather than throwing it away at bootlegged goods sold at a bargain. cheers!


  3. messier says:

    I went to Toy Kingdom Trinoma last night. And I saw some fake nendroids (most are characters from Death Note) are still being sold there at a quite dubious price (Read: P999.00).

    I wonder if someone could do something stop them from selling these bootlegs.


  4. uhm as far as i know there is no TOY KINGDOM at TRINOMA — that’s TOYS R US; perhaps you meant TOY KINGDOM SM NORTH EDSA? ^^;;

    and yes — unfortunately, the chain is still selling the bootlegged nendoroids. i have no idea if they are aware that their merchandise is fake, or that perhaps they do know but continue to sell it anyway 😦


  5. jericho viri says:

    i dont care if those bootlegs was fake…but i want to complete my collection 😦


    1. it’s always your choice if you want to purchase bootlegs to complete the set; however, your completed collection will not have a high (resale) value because some of the items in it are of questionable authenticity.


  6. Mickey says:

    Resale is floating in my head, but I really want to keep my toys as long as my heart’s beating.
    [Say what?!? I think I’m being poetic ~_~;]

    Bootlegs are junk…
    They’re an incoming regret.

    I bought a set or bootleg once, and man,
    I’m so ashamed to display it in my room.

    Not ashamed for other people, like, they might see it,
    but ashamed at myself for wasting my money on it.

    I didn’t spend that much, really…
    500php for 10 mini Final Fantasy figures.
    But still, 500php is too much for a set of bootleg.

    And, I have to agree with what Rose said about money well spent on genuine figs.
    Looking at my authentic figs gives me some sense of pride 😛
    And when i see a fake version of what I have displayed on some shop, I’d go “Nyaha! That’s fake.” in my head >:D


  7. Zoe says:

    Hi… I have a nendoroid i bought at greenhills vmall for only 500 pesos… It looks pretty authentic and not so fake… I have a question is it to be so expensive or not??


    1. originals are worth JPY 3000 or more, or about PhP 1500. if your nendo cost less than that, it is most probably a fake.


  8. Nate says:

    Hello there, i recently got into Nendoroids, so i bought a fake one at greenhills for about 500 php(because i will have to wait at least a month for my allowance to pile up to afford the real ones), it wasn’t that bad really, i mean yeah its fake, but its nice to have at least. I’m only concerned if people will look down on me if i got a fake… because poor college students can only afford so much. >__<


    1. of course you’re going to get collectors who have the genuine thing malign any counterfeits you own — it’s part and parcel of the collecting game; but as long you’re happy and that you don’t actually go around passing off your copy as an original, you’ll be fine.


  9. Freak of Nature says:

    Wether its worth 3k or less, I would buy it in a heart beat!!! Besides Manila its pretty hard looking for shops that sell high grade Figures outside the Metro..Had to buy a plane ticket just to get my Nendoroid of Yuki Nagato


  10. diego says:

    I wanna ask you something….
    my friend sold me a nendoroid miku….
    only for 500 php…
    it doesn’t have problems with paint…
    it can hold miku right…
    her colors are right…
    but the box has no sticker….
    is it fake?


    1. most probably — original nendroids go for about PhP 1500. plus, an original MIKU — even secondhand can go for PhP 2000, maybe even a bit more.


  11. bt x says:

    SM has a lot of fake merchandize he even sell fake affliction shirts etc. with out license from the original haha


  12. zhao says:

    dang i didnt know that even nendroid also has bootlegs, i thought the big models have those… and also i want to try to buy one nendroid…like miku with a nice pricing….. also im not the serious collector, i just wanna be by my side while playing my games and feel relax with it ^^..


  13. NENDOs and FIGMAs are actually some of the most bootlegged japanese collectibles on the market today. if you want to buy a MIKU, and make sure you get authentic merchandise, please buy from the official GOOD SMILE site instead.


  14. zhao says:

    well that’s the prob…never buy on online yet even i have some money (if can), so that’s why i want to buy on a particular store just in case….. but looks like my mom has a big “NO” on her face if i’m gonna buy that on my b-day XD


  15. Chorvaqueen says:

    I made a list of them here with matching pictures.
    My next mission would be figmas and I am getting pics right now.


  16. Mr. C says:

    Good afternoon @MAGNETIC_ROSE 🙂

    I was planning to buy a pokemon trainer red nendoriod here on the philippines. I know whats the authentic one and the fake one (bootleg) which is cheaper. Can you suggest me a shop where I can buy one (If there’s a trusted shop here on Philippines)

    I’m willing to buy it for around 2-3k and hoping they have legit ones here on our country…

    Thank you 🙂


  17. Mr. C says:

    Good afternoon Magnetic_Rose 🙂

    I was planning to buy a legit Pokemon Red Nendoroid here on the Philippines.
    I wanted to ask where can I buy or any trusted shops here you can suggest on me?

    Do you think around 2-3000 php is enough to buy it?



  18. Mr.B says:

    Yup! 3k is more than enough. They have a lot of RED Nendroid and Figmas at Greenhills.. go to Shoppesville 4th Floor (look for the Shoppesville Plus area) 90% of those stalls are selling “Original” Figma and Nendoroids.. at almost same as japan prices! Enjoy shopping 😀


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