Animax Carnival 2016 Event Report

After an amazing even in 2015 Animax Asia is back in Manila for Animax Carnival 2016! This year’s event brings in even bigger titles and brighter stars in the form of ELISA, yanaginagi, Ami Wajima, and May’n!

A fresh concept debuting at Animax Carnival 2016 is new zones dubbed Animax City and Edo-period Japan! Animax City
was filled with booth activities inspired by your favorite Animax titles, to get a taste of modern Japan with Animax City!

Meanwhile in Edo-period Japan, fans tried their luck at traditional Japanese carnival games and see special performances from this historic period.

Last but not least were the electrifying live performances by top anisong artistes ELISA, yanaginagi, Ami Wajima, and May’n! It’s clearly one of the best events on this year’s calendar and we hope to see more of this exciting event in the future!

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