2014 PCC Hosts CCY 2013 Awards

Nominate and vote for your favorite costumes of 2013 as the 2014 Philippine Cosplay Convention plays host to the 2013 Cosplay Costume of the Year Awards!

2014 PCC Hosts CCY 2013 Awards

There are five categories for CCY 2013: Best Male Costume of 2013, Best Female Costume of 2013, Best Child Costume of 2013 (Age 12 or below), Best Creature (Robot, Mecha, or Monster) Costume of 2013, and Best Crossplay Costume of 2013.

Rules For Nomination

– Nominations can be made by anyone who has personally seen the costume. Cosplay costume owners are allowed to nominate themselves. Nominations will be restricted to costumes debuted in 2013 in the Philippines.

– Nominations are made by e-mailing a high resolution photo (at least 1MB in size) to eva.guy01@gmail.com.

– The e-mail must have the subject “CCY 2013 Nomination”. In addition to the photo, the e-mail must contain the following information:

– Category they are entering in (ie. Best Male, Best Female, etc.)
– The full name of the individual who owns the costume
– The name of the Cosplay Costume (character and series)
– Photographer (optional)
- What event the costume debuted in (also include the date of the event)

– If the Nomination is approved, an email reply will be sent for verification. If it is not accepted, a reply e-mail will be sent explaining why it was not approved. Fraudulent information or a misrepresentation of the entry will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

– If, at a later date, you would want the photo swapped. Please send another e-mail with the new photo with the subject “CCY 2013 Nomination Photo Swap”. Swapped photos will lose all the votes they have already garnered.

– On February 14, 2014, nominations will be closed and Top 20 finalists will be selected by the judges.

Further information will be posted regarding online voting, so for now, send in your nominations!

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