Linkin Park in Manila 2013: Living Things World Tour Event Report

Even if you’re 100% hikikomori and not a fan of rock music, there is no way in hell you haven’t heard of Linkin Park. These California boys are one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and are huge fans of Japanese pop culture. They have collaborated with many companies such as Bandai and Good Smile Company to release exclusive LP-themed items for fans and collectors.

Linkin Park in Manila 2013: Living Things World Tour Event Report

We caught the gig on a whim because — well, why not? If we fly overseas to see concerts, why not one in our own back yard? Since they were last minute Upper Box tickets, they were pretty pricey — however, it ended up being a bargain as everyone from our section plus the General Patronage folks got a free upgrade ❤

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Also worth the price of admission was opening act Urbandub, who played a fabulous set composed of their biggest hits plus tracks form their newest album. The band was clearly having a great time — they were as excited to be there as the rest of the audience.

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The highlight, of course, was Linkin Park themselves. The band played a surprising number of their older hits — only choosing to play a handful of song from their latest album Living Things. The crowd rocked out to songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora, as well as all the songs they did for Hasbro’s giant robot movie franchise The Transformers.

All in all it was a pretty fun gig — the audience was composed mostly of fans (as opposed to posers), and there were no disruptive, hygiene-challenged concert-goers (AKA orcs).

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