2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Odaiba Gundam


2013 Tokyo Trip Day 63: Mori Art Museum and Hatsune Miku Cafe.

I met up with friends in Odaiba to visit the Hide Museum 2013, and ended up staying late for the Odaiba Gundam light show :3 The light show starts at 7PM every night, and has shows every half hour until 9PM.

There are actually two kinds of shows going on at the Gundam statue: the regular one and a special one that occurs only during special events. Usually these special events are themed such as Christmas, Valentines, and Children’s Day.

And if that’s not enough, there is a Gundam souvenir stand directly underneath the robot (where you can get exclusive merch), a Gundam Cafe for more souvenirs and maybe a cup of java, and a Gundam-themed permanent exhibition called Gundam Front on the top floor of the Diver City mall.

If that doesn’t satiate all your Gundam cravings, you’re in so much trouble.

Continued in 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Hide Museum 2013.

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