PNKY Travel Cafe and Gomen’s Maid 2 Travel

PNKY Travel Cafe and Gomen's Maid 2 Travel

Is the summer heat frying your brains in ye olde Metro Manila? Then it’s time to pack your bags and head for the Summer Capital of the Philippines Baguio City, for a unique take on your local anime convention: PNKY Travel Cafe and Gomen’s Maid 2 Travel!

Maid 2 Travel is a special weekend themed event divided into two delicious courses: Japanese Cultural Day on Day 1, and the Maid & Butler Cafe on Day 2. The event will be held at scenic PNKY Travel Cafe on 13 Leonard Wood Rd., Baguio City.

Aside from contests such as Cosplay Runway, Banzai Kimono Brigade, and Photo Finish, there are also workshops on cosplay (overseen by The Tux Team) and yukata kitsuke (overseen by

Admission is at PhP 150 per day and PhP 250 for both days. The ticket grants you an entry to the raffle and serves as a coupon for any consumable meal from our special menu for that weekend. See you guys there! 😀 is an official partner of Maid 2 Travel.

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