One Piece Film Z Gets Manila Release Date!

One Piece Film Z Gets Manila Release Date!

One Piece Film Z will be released in Manila starting 1st May 2013! This great piece of news has been brought to us by SM Cinemas, who announced the release date this previous weekend.

Tickets will be available for pre-order via SM Tickets very soon.

SM Cinemas also screened international hit Rurouni Kenshin exclusively at its theatres. It’s limited one-day run proved so successful that screenings were extended up to four weeks after its originally scheduled end-of-run.

Based on the new manga series “ONE PIECE: Saigo No Umi Shinsekai Hen”, first published in October 2010, the film features a brutal battle between legendary ex-Navy admiral Zetto and the Mugiwara Pirates led by Monkey D. Luffie.

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