LINE: Instant Messaging Made for Us!

LINE by Naver Instant Messaging

Despite the number of IM services that proliferate the internet — Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk — a new program with roots in Japan aims to bring fun and funky instant messaging to J-pop fans.

Released by Naver, LINE is a mobile IM program that lets you send not just pictures and text messages, but also cute little illustrations called “stickers” that you can use to convey your emotions.

These stickers are extensive and customizable, downloadable both as free and paid add-ons directly from the LINE client. You can also opt to download other fun things from the LINE clent, including games and tools.

Another cool thing about LINE is the three different ways it lets you add new people on you network: 1) by searching for their names; 2) by snapping a QR code with your phone cam; and 3) by shaking your phones at each other until they “find” each other. Nifty and fun!

Got an iPhone or a Droid device? Get LINE today :3

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