Roadmap to AFA 2012 Part 3: Ground Transport Roadmap to AFA 2012 Part 3: Ground Transport

Continued from Part 2.

Singapore has a lot of things going for it, and one of them is its efficient and convenient transport system. Even if you opt for accommodations closer to the city center than Expo, you will have no problem getting around, even with cosplay-related paraphernalia in tow.

Singapore Expo can be accessed from the (surprise! surprise!) Expo station on the East West MRT (aka Green Line), just one station away from the airport. However, if you’re from downtown and are headed East, don’t forget to get off at the exchange in Tanah Merah to switch to the Airport/Expo trains, otherwise you’ll end up in Tampines and Pasir Ris.

One of the things you should look into getting — especially if you fly in and out of Singapore on a regular basis like we do, is getting an EZLink card. An EZLink card is a prepaid train card that you tap at entrance and exit wickets at train stations to pay for fare.

You can also use your EZlink card to pay for purchases at convenience stores, fast food joints, bookshops, and other places. And if you ever run out of load, all you have to do is top up at reloading kiosks at train stations for a minimum of SGD 10.

Our EZlink cards saved our bacon on more than one occasion — the most memorable would be running after the last train home. If you need to line up at a ticket machine or a cashier window to buy tickets when the last train of the day is leaving in two minutes, there is no way in hell you’re ever gonna make it — hence, EZLink.

Concluded in Part 4.

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