Roadmap to AFA 2012 Part 1: Airline Tickets Roadmap to AFA 2012 Part 1: Airline Tickets

AFA 2012 brings a lot of changes to the tried and tested travel formula that we’ve created and perfected over the years. One of the biggest has to be the new venue Singapore Expo, and many of the changes we’ve implemented in this latest AFA how-to will reflect that.

Airline choices have expanded since we started attending the con. Besides Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Cebu Pacific, you can now also fly with AirPhil Express, Tiger Airways, and Jetstar. We’ve chosen to fly with Jetstar this time around, because our preferred carrier Philippine Airlines did not have flights for the timeslots we needed.

It was a great decision, not only because we got the flight times we wanted, but we received discounts for flying with them as well~

I think a lot of people are not aware of this policy, but Jetstar has a Guaranteed Lower Fare offer that’s available all year round 😀 All you have to do to avail of the offer is to find a flight on a different airline for the same destination and time (about sixty minutes apart between the Jetstar flight and the other airline — in our case it was Tiger Airways).

We called Jetstar and they agreed that our flight was covered by the promo — so they matched the fare from Tiger and bumped off an additional 10% off the fare, so we ended up with tickets 30% cheaper than if we booked the flight without availing of the promo 😀 More money to spend in the dealers hall is always a good thing!

Continued in Part 2.

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