Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Day 2 at BOA 2012 started off with a bang, with a free screening of the Resident Evil theatrical feature “Damnation”; the film was well-received, especially by fans of the video game who did not appreciate the Milla Jovovich take on the movie franchise. This was quickly followed up with a blogging lecture and workshop, hosted by your friendly neighborhood supervillains here at

Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report      Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Day 2 also featured even more cosplay, with the finals of the Best of Anime Cosplay Competition. Pitting over one hundred competitors from Japanese animation, manga, and gaming franchises, the battle was long and well-fought — with the victories eventually going to Ira Orduna as Rathalos Soul Blade Master (Grand Prize Winner), Guy Singzon as Sakou Shin (1st Runner Up), and Mary Victoria Meneses as Ezra Scarlet (2nd Runner Up).

Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report      Best of Anime 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Last but not least was Uchuu Sentai NOIZ’s second and final gig in the Philippines! Coming off a high from the previous day’s performance, the band saved their very best for last as they tore through song after song in a frenetic ninety-minute set. The heat and energy was so much that frontman Angel Taka took off his shirt — the girls in the crown definitely got an eyeful~ Alas, all good things must come to an end, and as the band waved goodbye they promised to do their best to return to Manila, and soon.

The Best of Anime 2012 — despite its relative infancy on the convention circuit, managed to accomplish things that more established conventions have never attempted. Yeah sure — your con may be ten years or older, but if you keep doing the same old thing (and can’t even move out of the same cramped convention space you’ve been using for years!), then I wouldn’t be surprised that younger, more gung-ho conventions will outstrip you in pace in a few short years.

One other thing I liked about BOA is that their organizers Primetrade Inc. — despite being a traditional and respected company in the events biz, have shed off their staid image and embraced the joy and spirit of watching cartoons and running around in brightly-colored wigs. Age, after all, is nothing but a number — and I hope that BOA manages to keep its lively and fresh spirit in years to come.

See you guys next year!

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  1. Chai Chen says:

    *sobs* I’ve been missing attending cons. 😦
    Nice to hear about improvements in the cons like this one. 🙂 I missed that Jap band waaah!



    1. USN was a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN 😀


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