Sublime Announces Two New Print Titles


Sublime Announces Two New Print Titles

Sublime– Viz Media’s BL imprint, has announced two new titles for its print line: Sakuragi Yaya’s Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi (Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love) by Yaya Sakuragi, and Tateno Makoto’s Wakareta Otoko wa Ikaga Desu ka? (How’s Your Ex?).

Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi is about an excitable high school student Ao, who has a vivid wet dream about his Shinto priest neighbor Ryomei. Ao decides that his dream was a premonition, and pursues Ryomei despite his vehement protests.

Wakareta Otoko wa Ikaga Desu ka?, on the other hand, is about the travails of two salary-men Yoji and Tomoe, who were previously a couple, but went through a terrible split when one quit his job to join a rival company. When their two companies merged, will the two ex-lovers pick up where their relationship left off?

Sublime was formed by a partnership between VIZ Media, Animate, and Libre Shuppan, to license and release English-language BL manga as both graphic novels and digital downloads.

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