DC Wants Readers to Exchange Manga for Comics

2012 Nihongo Fiesta

Via Bleeding Cool: a comic shop in the US called — you guessed it, “A Comic Shop”, is offering to trade one of the 52 new #1s from the rebooted DC line-up in exchange for any vol #1 manga title.

The promo — spearheaded by a character named “Robama”, aims to encourage uhm sequential art fans to dump their manga for good old-fashioned all-American comics. Or something like that.

Funded by DC Comics, this has got to be one of the more xenophobic advertisements I’ve seen from the US in a while 😐 I suppose with their economy tanking, “Buy American” sounds like a good idea — but I don’t quite approve of their tactics.

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  1. Who would trade in a volume of manga which contains more content than a single American comic book issue for an actual American comic book? That makes no sense to me.


    1. my thoughts exactly 😐


  2. jon says:

    First the logo change and then this…Very aggressive marketing…

    But maybe it’s just a great fan doing this…to promote the New 52…and not their official marketing policy…I’m curious how will this turn out…


    1. i haven’t even heard of the logo change until you mentioned it!

      i googled it and — the new logo looks like it peed all over itself 😐


  3. Drix G says:

    Funny. I never saw Cyborg as Robo-Barack Obama…


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