Five Gift Ideas for the BL Fan in Your Life: A Guide for Boyfriends

Five Gift Ideas for the BL Fan in Your Life

Ah — the perils of a guy with a BL fan for a girlfriend (or wife!). How are you supposed to buy her the perfect gift when her idea of Christmas presents involves pretty boys in compromising positions? Here’s a quick guide >:D

Bookstore Gift Card

What BL fan does not love BL manga? But how do you pick the right one — especially if you don’t know how extensive her collection is? Besides, are you brave enough to go into the BL section of the book store by yourself? 😀 Your best bet is to get her a gift card instead — that way she can pick what she likes, and you don’t have to venture into the dark side 😀

PhP 300 or 500 from Fully Booked


Long story short: a dakimakura is a large bolster with a printed cover, mostly featuring under-aged 2D girls, but also hot half-naked bishounen. Okay — I have to admit this feels a bit like buying your girlfriend another boyfriend to cheat on you, but on the bright side at least it’s not a real guy!

About USD 40 online

Graphic Bedsheets

Along the same vein as the dakimakura, but this time the graphic prints are on the sheets so when your girl lies down in bed it’s like she’s next to them. You can even get it as a set with the dakimakura — and you’re guaranteed that she won’t be out and about looking for a replacement for you very soon.

About USD 50 online

Portable Hard Disk

Ah downloads — the gray area we all like to play in. Help her build up her collection without giving her parents an apoplexy when they use the family PC by giving her her very own stash of gigabytes. A portable hard disk will set you back a couple of thou depending on the size, but the expression on her face when she sees it will be priceless.

About PhP 4000 from major local computer chains

Touchscreen or Tablet PC

If you’re really looking to splurge, buy her the holy grail of scanlation fans: a touchscreen or tablet PC. Pick one with decent internal storage and at the very least is wi-fi capable, and watch her eyes eyes light up in glee at the prospect of filling it up with eye candy. Just don’t borrow it from her, if you want to save your sanity.

From PhP 20K for the Samsung Galaxy Tab all the way to PhP 36K for the Apple iPad2

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