Kotobukiya Holds Tsunami Charity Auctions Online

Kotobukiya Hold Tsunami Charity Auctions Online

On the afternoon of 11th March 2011, a 9.0M earthquake several miles off the coast struck the city of Sendai and many other towns and cities in northeastern Japan.

The resulting series of tsunami waves were even more devastating, flattening homes, schools, and factories in its way. The number of casualties has already topped 3,300, and the number of people unaccounted for is hovering in the upper 10,000s.

To do their part in assisting emergency relief operations, Kotobukiya will be offering a series of charitable eBay auctions starting today.

A selection of especially-signed collectibles will be made available for bidding, with 100% of all final auction proceeds turned over to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund via GlobalGiving.

Please show your support for the citizens of Japan! Please bid on the Kotobukiya charitable auctions on eBay: ebay.com/kotobukiya!

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