Five Gift Ideas for the Animu Fan in Your Life

Five Gift Ideas for the Animu Fan in Your Life

So your Christmas bonus is almost gone, and you still have a truckload of animu-watching, manga-scarfing, game-crazy friends you need to buy gifts for.

Never fear! We’ve got five fun, fabulous things to suggest for a whole range of gifting budgets — from the cheap and cheerful to zany and unexpected.

Bento Box

Everyone and his mum who has ever watched an anime series always wanted to try packing one of those exquisitely crafted, mind-bogglingly complicated Japanese lunch boxes.

Help your loved ones take the first step by gifting them with a set of authentic Japanese lunch boxes from Saizen Daiso. They have a huge selection of sizes, shapes, and designs — and all of them cost less than a cup of joe from Starbucks; how cool is that?!

PhP 85 from Saizen Daiso

Meiji Melty Kiss

If your pals have relatives coming home from overseas, chances are they’re already drowning in a sea of Toblerone, M&Ms, and Hershey’s Kisses. Nothing wrong with that of course, but if you want your present to stand out, give them Japanese-style chocolate instead. They come in really unexpected but delicious flavor combinations, and are also less sweet and therefore less cloying than their western counterparts. Grab a couple of boxes, but don’t forget to save some for yourself too!

PhP 120 from SM Snack Exchange

Statement Tee

Nothing spells geek more than walking around in a t-shirt that screams “VIDEOGAMES RUINED MY LIFE!”. Find this and then some at the T-Tees online shop, where statement tees are heat-pressed and shipped off to you within days. Can’t find exactly the one you need? T-tees also accepts custom orders designed by you or by T-tee’s head honcho Hazel V (restrictions apply).

PhP 300 and up from T-Tees

Capdase Luxury Hardcase for the PSP

If you have a gamer friend who has a slight case of OCD when it comes to storing his portables, we’re got something great for you to put under his Christmas tree — the Capdase Luxury Hardcase for the PSP. Capdase is one of the most trusted names in portable game machine protection, and this particular model comes with anodized aluminum cover, a rubberized back holder, direct UMD access panel, and a “kick stand” (for viewing movies on the PSP screen). The set also includes a handsome matching wrist strap.

USD 17 (approx PhP 700) from Play Asia

Itazura Coin Bank

If you are a fan of ridiculous ingenius Japanese toys along the lines of Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu (and its infamous limited edition variant, the Kurohi-gay Hard Gay Version) or the Puchi Puchi Virtual Bubble Wrap, then this will tickle you to the very cockles of your heart. The Itazura Coin Bank is a robotic cat in a box that steals your money and hides it away when you pop it into the coin slot. It’s a fantastic way to save up for that trip to Tokyo, and it drives your cats nuts — what more can you ask for?!

USD 23 (approx PhP 1000) from Strapya

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