Help, My Parents Grounded Me From Cosplay!: How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Cosplay Again

Help! My Parents Grounded Me From Cosplay!

For cosplayers still in high school or even college, the iron fist of the parental units may come down on you at one time or another, and you may find yourself banned from participating in events or attending cons (as for the rest of you: you’re old enough — your parents shouldn’t be able to ground you any longer o.O).

Instead of whining to people on message boards, throwing a tantrum on your Facebook wall, or threatening to run away from home (never to be seen again), there more levelheaded and practical ways to get your folks back on your side, and let you cosplay again. Here are a few of them:

Get better grades.

If your grades have started taking a nosedive because you’ve been spending your time making your costume rather than studying, then your folks are right to ban you from cosplay. They are working so hard to pay for your education, so school should be your primary concern bar none. Convince them that you can be a more responsible student by bringing your grades back up to acceptable levels (“acceptable” may differ from case to case), and scaling back on your cosplay-related chores for the time being.

Always stick to the schedule

If you’ve been banned from attending events because you always come home late after group cosplay rehearsals or marshaling a con, then it’s time to convince your folks that you can be trusted to keep your word. If your folks expect you to be home by eight in the evening, make sure you arrive five minutes before eight — not leave the venue five minutes before eight.

If you’re going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances like a major traffic jam or a freak storm, SMS them beforehand. I’m sure they’ll understand why you’re late as long as you tell them. Last but not least, never lie about being late! If your parents discover that the excuses you made up to cover for the fact that you were late are untrue, they will do more than just ban you from cosplay — they can ground you for life.

Learn new skills that your parents can admire.

If your parents think that cosplay does not require you to do more than spend hours on websites or show up in a local mall dressed like a lunatic, show your parents that you learned practical skills from cosplay. If you learned to sew your own costumes, then make your own daily outfits as well. If you’re good with fashioning props from wood, volunteer to repair some things around the house. If your parents see the value of your cosplay-related skills, they will be more likely to let you off the hook.

Show your parents that you are financially responsible.

Part of the reason most parents frown upon cosplay is because they think it is a waste of money — especially if they were the ones who paid for it. Your parents gave you an allowance to buy meals, school supplies, and train cards — not fifteen large rubber sheets to fashion a Gundam out of. If you want to show them that cosplay is not just a useless money pit, try financing your costumes with your own blood, sweat, and tears.

Set up a Multiply shop, do DeviantArt commissions, get a job at a local fastfood — try everything you can to obtain your cosplay funds legally, without asking for a handout from your parents. Once they see that your hobby is actually helping you learn practical, real-life skills, they are more likely to support you instead of hinder you.

Get your parents involved.

Last but not least, try to get your parents to support your hobby. Explain to them that this is your thing and that you get personal satisfaction out of it — the way kids on the basketball team or glee club find gratification in theirs. Show them how difficult it really is, how much dedication it takes to cosplay well, and how much you really need their support if you want to succeed. Sometimes the only reason parents are against cosplay is because they don’t understand it, but if you try to get them involved they just might surprise you by becoming your biggest fans.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I think this actually applies to any hobby that a parent considers a waste of time – video games, card games, etc. If you can show the positive side of it to your parents then it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, if you use your own monies to buy your stuff, that’d be plus points. ^_^


  2. Kat says:

    Props to the last suggestion. I did that with my parents when I was first getting into anime & manga years ago, and they learned to appreciate my little hobby. Plus, it’s great to have them at your back when you have an event or something to go to. Think of it as a bonding experience ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Miya says:

    Additional advice for young cosplayers: Sometimes, its about the choice of costume. Best to cover up until you’re 1) of age and 2) you’re self-sufficient enough.


    1. Additional advice for young cosplayers: Sometimes, its about the choice of costume. Best to cover up until youโ€™re 1) of age and 2) youโ€™re self-sufficient enough.

      brilliant advice — something i honestly haven’t thought of myself!


  4. Gab says:

    This post certainly brings back memories (and makes me feel old). ๐Ÿ˜›

    I wholeheartedly agree with #4. While I was never banned from cosplaying in highschool, it was the topic of many a debate, mostly because my mother thought it waste of money. They couldn’t stop me because I was saving my allowance for costume materials. ๐Ÿ˜›


  5. eva_guy01 says:

    The perpetual problem facing not just cosplayers, but everyone involved in a hobby. Although there is one more thing i noticed in parents: Convincing them that cosplay is an “investment”.

    Not im promoting it, but its something that I encounter and im sure some of us cosplayers do as well. Sometimes they ask if its for a contest and what you would win if you do. If you say yes, they leave you alone, thinking of it as an investment of sorts, if you win, they gain. I know it sounds bad, but that’s how some parents think, and it encourages cosplayers to keep on competing to justify all their late nights and mess they make around the house.


  6. Fifi says:

    I love this post! Thank heavens my Mom loves the idea of cosplay and my Dad is too obsessed with his own hobby to care. But I do have a few friends who aren’t as lucky as I am. I’ll be sure to share your advice with them. Kudos!


  7. Sese says:

    Mine was simple to convince them about cosplay, “Its this or I go smoking things I should not be smoking” XD seriously though regarding about grades its TRUEFAX.


  8. steevan says:

    This is a good article , I wish to contribute more ideas for part 2 of this article . I liked this article , I believe there’s still more to change parent’s view point about cosplay . Also, telling cosplayers the don’ts in order to get free from grounded from parents for cosplaying .

    I am very disgusted seeing things like petition to get 500 likes in facebook to get this teenage girl to come back to cosplay because she was banned from cosplaying by her parents .


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