Cosplay Mania X

Cosplay Mania X

Cosplay Mania organizers announced today the complete line-up of activities, special guests, and ticketing information for the largest cosplay-centric con in the Philippines: Cosplay Mania X.

CMX features not one but two cosplay contests: the Grand Finals of the nationwide Tournament of Champions, and the CMX’s own annual competition Project Cosplay.

CMX also features a number of cosplay-related games and activities, including the short film competition Lights! Camera! Cosplay (presented by Animax), the Cosplay Snapshot Project, the Costume Building Contest, and many more. There are also cosplay workshops held by various local experts — including a Ladies Yukata Workshop hosted by

Last but not least are this year’s special guests and performers. Joining CMX in Manila — all the way from Singapore, are 2009 AFA regional Cosplay Championships Grand Prize Winner mirage_cld, and international cross-play phenomenon Jesuke.

Musical performances by 2010 J-pop Anime Singing Contest Grand Champions Himitsu Heiki will rock the house down. Also at CMX is the grand reunion mini-concert and 10th Anniversary performance of Ongaku Society mainstay Neotaku.

Tickets will be available at the gate for PhP 150 for each day, but if you hurry and purchase today, you can get a two-day pass for just PhP 200 (or just PhP 100 per day)! For advance ticketing and other concerns, visit the CMX website at See you guys there!

Thanks to the CMX crew for the invitation.

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  1. eva_guy01 says:

    Im very happy to hear that Neotaku would actually get together to play at CMX! Will look forward listening to their performance (and to congratulate Sonnaq’s as well!).


  2. looking forward to that as well ❤


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