Divorce Rumours Surround YYH’s Togashi and Sailormoon’s Takeuchi

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Hunter x Hunter Togashi Yoshihiro Sailormoon Naoko Takeuchi Divorce

An unverifiable Japanese tabloid (possibly Shuukan Gendai, possibly Babuka) recently published a rumour stating that famous manga-ka couple Togashi Yoshihiro (Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter) and Takeuchi Naoko (Sailormoon) have divorced as far back as 2009.

The tabloid goes on to say that the reason for the divorce was Togashi’s drawing slump. His ongoing series, Hunter x Hunter has been on an on-and-off hiatus owing to Togashi’s inability to draw new chapters for the story.

Unable to submit manuscripts on time, Togashi supposedly kept asking his publishers to push back his deadlines repeatedly — to which the publishers alleged complied, owing to his huge popularity with readers and massive sales figures.

However, instead of catching up with deadlines, he was rumoured to have been playing video games and going on vacation overseas. His irresponsible behaviour ultimately led to this rumoured divorce with Takeuchi — with whom he has two young children.

Fans and fellow manga-ka have reacted strongly to the rumour, saying that there was absolutely no truth to it. Shibata Ami — the manga-ka of Papuwa and a friend of Takeuchi, went on the record to say that she was out to lunch with the Sailormoon author as recently as the end of last year, and at the time she was still very much married.

Togashi and Takeuchi were married in 1999 after being introduced to each other by veteran voice actress Ogata Megumi — who played Kurama in Togashi’s Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Sailor Uranus in Takeuchi’s Sailormoon. Takeuchi worked briefly as Togashi’s manga assistant and manager shortly after the wedding, but had to give it up after having a baby.

Thanks to Yue for the scan and translations.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Monique says:

    Oh, I hope it’s not true. 😦


  2. it looks like it’s not true — but the fact that a rumour about it was published, it deserves some attention. you know what they say: where there’s smoke, there’s fire…


  3. amhuirnin says:

    😦 and here what i remember is the drawing of Takeuchi-sensei about their then upcoming wedding…hope things work out for them


  4. it looks like a false alarm. i’m just concerned that a rumour like this got published in the first place. it’s as if someone in the industry had a vendetta against the couple >.>


  5. amhuirnin says:

    ika nga, ang punong mabunga pinupukol…naks ^^


  6. LOL isa pa yun XD XD XD


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