2010 Lights Out Event Report

Lights Out Convention

This Lights Out report will not include event pictures to protect the privacy of the con attendees. Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

Dolce: 2010 Lights Out Philippine Yaoi Convention was held last Saturday, 24th April 2010 at the Penthouse of the Lepanto Building in Makati City. This is the sixth and last LO convention. The invites-only event featured film screenings, round-table discussions, a BL manga library, a doujinshi market, and Cafe Le Mirage — Lights Out’s butler cafe.

With an admission fee of PhP 300 and a limited guest list of just 120 participants, the event was one of the most exclusive niche events on the local calendar. This has led to accusations by some people who were not able to secure tickets that the event was geared towards “trust-fund babies”.

However, based on the feedback from several attendees, the tickets were well worth their price, since the venue was very comfortable, food and drink were provided generously, and the activities were interesting and well-planned.

The round-table discussions in particular were very well-received, since they provided an academic basis for the hobby that went beyond mere fangirling. The films screened were also warmly welcomed, with the prerequisite screaming during steamy moments. The library was full to capacity most of the time, with the attendees perusing the LO mods’ collections at their leisure. Lastly, the top prize for the raffles and contests was a signed art print by Chintsubu author Yamato Nase — which was hard-to-find and highly-sought-after.

The highlight for many attendees was Cafe Le Mirage, Lights Out’s well-appointed butler cafe designed after Japanese butler cafes and English tea parlours. The food was a luxurious mix of sweet and savoury, featuring smoked salmon and cream cheese crisps and rich dark chocolate cookies. The butlers themselves were charming, attentive, and eager to please, making sure that their mistresses and masters walked away delighted with the experience.

Excellent as it was, there were a few logistics misses that the organizers had to contend with. First was the late opening — with the participants only admitted at 11AM instead of 10AM due to some late supply deliveries. Another is the somewhat stifling warmth inside Le Mirage, no thanks to one broken AC unit (two were supposed to work in tandem). Last but not least is the low sound volume at the film screenings, an unfortunate consequence of the tendency of laptops to throttle the sound coming out of its speaker jacks.

However, these were minor things compared to the overall success of the event. It’s just too bad that this will be the last for the Lights Out moderators, since they will be concentrating on their demanding post-graduate studies and professional careers and will no longer be able to create more events. On behalf of the LO Mods Khursten, Pam, Rachel, Jill, and Rael, we’d like to thank everyone who have been with us for the past six years. Keep it up girls, and maybe we’ll see each other again very soon 🙂

Thank you and good job to fellow Lights Out organizers! Thanks for a great six-year run!

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Sese says:

    Wah I’m gonna miss LO. Badly T^T


  2. nina says:

    I was just there for an hour tops, but I really love having that comfy seat inside the library reading BL. I love how I don’t feel squeezed in with a million other people. Well worth the Php 300 price tag!


  3. shido says:

    LOL its not the AC’s fault its hot inside the cafe XD


    1. @sese and @nina — thanks you guys! you make it worth it every year we did the con ❤



  4. Kat says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been to some events that you’ve organized (RODCON, UGG) and I was impressed, so I don’t doubt that LO was a big success. 🙂


  5. shido says:

    eh ? D: lol my nick is that obvious? oTL

    at anycase congrats to the success of the event XD


  6. kuyaaids aka manly_man says:

    i miss ugg :P. in anycase pwede ba straight guys andun? 😀


    1. lol alin — UGG or LO? >:D


  7. Jewel says:

    I’ll miss LO and the yaoi con 😦


  8. chelli says:

    i’m so sad i wasn’t there…grr those outings that never pushed through at the last minute >.< but congrats guys for a successful event!! *throws confetti*


  9. wait, whut — the event you skipped us for didn’t push through?! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO >.>


  10. Shabby says:

    Congratulations to a successful event gaiz~ How sad that it’s the last LO. It’ll be a yearly event that I will miss.


  11. rahci says:

    sobrang ganda nitong con huhu 1st time ko pa man din bitin.. gusto ko uli ma meet yung mga butler ^^v

    shocks ngayon ko lang nabasa ito


    1. hi rahci! there may be other LE MIRAGE events, but like a mirage it comes and it goes and no one knows where it will turn up next 🙂


      1. Rahci says:

        after 6 years… nakaka miss itong event na to T^T wala akong pics nung time na yun dahil wala akong camera TT^TT .. meron pa kayang collection ng pics yung mga attendees nun? hahaha~~ ❤

        btw, i love your website magnetic_rose-san 😀
        pwede bang maging apprentice mo sa pgiging updated hehehe 😀 *heart heart*


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