Designer Freebies from Japanese Magazines and Catalogues

Marc Jacobs Anna Sui Jill Stewart Japan Magazines Furoku

Have designer tastes but not a designer budget? No worries — Japan comes to your rescue once again! As one of the largest markets for luxury goods, world-renowned designers eager to build a brand base in Japan — and what could be a better way to introduce your product to them by giving them away for free?

Yes, free! As furoku or inserts in major fashion magazines and catalogues. Small designer items — all genuine, such as handbags, handkerchiefs, compact mirrors, or hair accessories are given as gifts with every purchase of a particular magazine (usually the Spring edition) or a brand’s catalogue (YSL, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Jill Stewart, BAPE, etc.).

These magazines can be bought off major book stores such as Kinokuniya, including their SEA stores in Singapore and Bangkok. I scored my favorite bag from the Orchard Road branch in particular: a black tote embroidered with the YSL logo (SGD 29 or PhP 900). I also have another black tote stamped with an ALICE & THE PIRATES logo (SGD 39 or PhP 1200) from a shop in The Cathay. Both were very nice and very well-made, not like many freebies given out with local magazines.

So if you’re in the mood for designer swag but don’t have a trust fund to back it up, then Japan’s fixation with furoku will set you up nicely.

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  1. Cat says:

    I saw a lot of these freebies when I went to SG’s Kinokuniya. Didn’t know they’re called furoko ❀ It made choosing which magazine to buy super, extra, difficult. Too bad Kera didn't have freebies that time, but the pop magazines (Popteen, Cawaii, etc) did. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for writing stuff like this!


  2. lol i always go for the one that gives the biggest freebies regardless of brand. the bags and watches are more fun for me compared to, say — the make up kits and hair accessories.


  3. Shabby says:

    Some beauty bloggers have talked about this. I r envy! I wish this was available locally… Or I can ask someone to buy a magazine with Anna Sui bag for me. LOL But I must control my spending! X3


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