How to Spot Fake Pinky:St. Figures

Pinky:St are tiny fashion dolls about five inches high, created in Japan by Baby Sue and Vance Project. Each package comes with a unique face and clothing parts, and these interchangeable parts snap on and off to create a variety of outfits. There are special Pinky:St dolls created in the likeness of anime characters like Ayanami Rei and Shikinami (Sohryu) Asuka Langley, as well as lines released by Japanese fashion houses like Mono Comme Ca.

How to Spot Fake Pinky St      How to Spot Fake Pinky St

As a longtime collector I’ve always been able to tell the difference between a fake Pinky:St (lovingly nicknamed Fakey:St by local collectors) and the real mccoy. Imagine my surprise then when I found out that people were still being ripped off on eBay and other brick-and-mortar stores by bootleg Pinkys. If you are a new collector looking to purchase some dolls and are a little leery of those great online deals and discount store prices, here are five things to help protect you from paying for counterfeits.


Authentic Pinky:St must bear the Vance Project logo and other stamps on the lower right corner of the cardboard backing’s front face (in pink). These same logos are also stamped on the back (in black and white) next to the series number of the purchased doll. If the doll was a collaboration item made with an anime series or a fashion house, their logos are also prominently displayed in both the front and the back of the cardboard backing.

How to Spot Fake Pinky St      How to Spot Fake Pinky St


Fakes are usually packaged with items that do not originally belong to the set. In the photo above, the fake Risa A Repaint comes with the body from the Pinky:Cos Asuka plus its accompanying accessories. The real Risa comes with a long coat, fitted jeans, and Chuck Taylor-like sneakers in a variety of colors, depending on the Repaint series. Obvious fake is obvious :/

Paint Job

Fakes generally have sloppy line work and bad paint jobs which are very noticeable when seen side by side with genuine Pinky:st. Real dolls have very clean lines and crisp coloration despite their size — you can almost see the tiny seam lines painted into the girls’ clothing. In contrast fakes are very blotchy and uneven, as if the painter didn’t wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next one.

How to Spot Fake Pinky St      How to Spot Fake Pinky St

Height and Fit

Fakes are moulded from a master cast made from authentic parts, and as a result of the casting process that are ever so slightly smaller than their original counterparts. Fakes also have very uneven pegs that make parts difficult to fit together and/or are too loose to snap together and make a whole. Lastly, because of their bad, uneven paint jobs, Fakey parts have a nasty tendency to stick to each other, which is no fun at all 😦


Last but not least, fake Pinky:St are very unstable — prone to toppling over at the slightest provocation unlike their more stable original counterparts. Again, this is because of their band paint jobs and the fact that they were recast from a mould of the original, which makes them either top or bottom heavy (the originals have a near perfect center of gravity — even in “high heels”).

Fakes are valued at one/fifth the price of originals, but some unscrupulous sellers price them at equal to or only slightly less than the originals. To get you money’s worth, always check for tell-tale signs of fakery before finalizing your purchase. Good luck, and have fun collecting! 🙂

All photos are courtesy of Ryan from Kalye Pinky – The Philippine Pinky:St Community.

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