JASRAC to Charge for Tweets with Japanese Lyrics

JASRAC Twitter Lyrics

According to J-Cast via dannychoo.com, JASRAC — or The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, is considering charging Twitter users who post lyrics from Japanese songs on the JASRAC catalogue with royalty fees.

JASRAC has administrative rights on practically every single Japanese pop song ever created, so if this move pushes through there are potentially millions of yen at stake.

Already, JASRAC has invoiced a cafe in Japan for JPY 5,500,000 for playing pop songs as background music for the past 10 years. JASRAC has also been responsible for having hundreds of Japanese music videos taken down from YouTube and other media sharing sites, as well as thousands of post take-downs on Japanese blogs for posting lyrics from JASRAC songs.

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  1. chelli says:

    oh my. is my blog in danger then? 0_o


    1. apparently they go after mostly japanese bloggers who post lyrics on their sites, and have steered clear of overseas blogs so far. however, we do have the RIAA to deal with so we’re basically caught between a rock and a hard place >.>


  2. chelli says:

    sou ka. anyway, there’s tons of other sites with these lyrics as well so i guess i’ll wait and see if there’s any development. thanks for the heads up ^^


  3. honestly, i don’t know where this sort of legal action is headed. it has “bad news” written all over ot >.>


  4. soulassassin547 says:

    I’d say it’s overkill on par with RIAA (consider the absurd attempt at suing the makers of Limewire for some trillion dollars), as if losing even one word means losing one yen, and it seems that for every CD sold a dozen fingers are in the pie, with the recording artist actually getting a piece afterwards. 😐


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