How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours


We get a lot (a lot!!!) of comments on our Japan visa posts, especially from prospective Philippine travelers who can’t seem to get their heads wrapped around the concept that it is possible to get a visa in three to four business days.

How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours

However, this was many moons ago, and things have progressed since. Get this: we managed to secure a tourist visa to Japan in just 24 hours. Sounds unbelievable? Certainly not!

Step One: Prepare your documents.

Having successfully applied for Japanese tourist visas previously, we had a good handle on the basic documents needed: passport, signed application form, ID pictures sized to Japan visa specifications, BIR Form 2316 photocopy, and original Certificates of Deposit from the bank. You can download all the necessary templates from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines website.

Step Two: Submit your documents to the travel agent.

Purely for investigative purposes, we skipped our old reliable agencies Universal Holidays, Raja Tours, and Reli Tours (my employer’s agent of choice), and went with as yet untried Attic Tours — located at Unit 203 COKO Building, 2550 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City (right next to the Embassy of Japan!). It turned out to be a fantastic decision, as you will see later. After accepting the documents, they charged us a PhP 1680 processing fee and sent us on our way.

Step Three: The travel agent submits your documents to the Embassy.

We submitted the documents on a Saturday morning, so the agency advised us that they will be forwarded to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines first thing Monday morning — which implies that had we decided to submit the application early Monday morning, Attic Tours would’ve submitted it to the Japanese Embassy for evaluation that same day. How’s that for speed?

Step Four: The Embassy evaluates your application.

Upon receipt from Attic Tours, the Embassy of Japan does its usual voodoo and decides whether your visa application is accepted or declined based on the quality of the documents supplied. THERE IS NO 100% GUARANTEE THAT YOUR VISA WILL BE GRANTED EVEN IF YOU FOLLOW OUR GUIDES AND HOW-TOS. The Embassy always has the last say, and they will never divulge the reasons for accepting or declining your application.

Step Five: Your travel agent contacts you with your application results.

We received a text message on Tuesday afternoon saying that the passport was ready for pick-up. Passport pick-ups are scheduled on weekdays from 3PM to 6PM and Saturdays from 1PM to 3PM so if your schedule is clear you can claim your passport on the same day the text message arrived! Attic Tours did not say outright if the application was accepted or denied, as per company policy.

Lo and behold — Japan visa get! It took less than 24 hours from submission by the travel agent to the Japanese Embassy to get the application approved, and a little over 24 hours from the minute we handed over the documents to the minute we claimed the passport with the visa attached if you didn’t include Sunday hols in the count. It’s not impossible people, as long as you do it right!

Please note that this is a summary of our experience in applying for a Japanese visa. Mileage may vary with each individual. For more tips, you can also read How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours, How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days, Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos, and Tips on Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa.

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  1. Ken says:

    Hi there. Will you kindly help me? I’m currently here in Japan, and i’m a Filipino, i’m half japanese and I only have a tourist visa for a month. I’m staying with my stepfather (who also a japanese), and i’m trying to have a permanent residency here at japan. But, I dont want to ask my stepfather to help me about that, bcoz i know that my biological father will also play a part in this matter and i dont want to offend my stepfather even if he undestand my situation. Well, you know what i’m talking about, right? Its like asking your girlfriend to let you see your ex-gf. Please help me. Thanks and more power.


  2. Ershey says:

    gud pm tanung ko po Kung Gano po katagal lumabas ung 3months visa

    Salamat po


  3. Rica says:


    I just would like to ask, we are planning to go to Japan together with my Boyfriend’s Family, The thing is, i am currently unemployed but my Boyfriend’s family will cover the expense. Is there any other way aside from a letter from my family and Bank Cert from my Family?


  4. Jabz Raizer says:

    Good p.m. po magnetic rose ask ko lang po what needed documents para sa Lola ko senior citizen napo sya 77 yrs. Old.. invite po sya ng anak niya mag punta sa japan na doon napo nakatira.. wala na pong bank account and income tax Lola KO, mag isa lang po ng lola ko magbyabyahe ano po needed documents na kailangan ipadala ng anak niya? Thanks a lot.. I’ll wait for your kind reply.


  5. Shane says:

    Hello Rose,

    I really learned a lot from this post. Just a short question. I am working as a freelance writer at home and recently got married. My husband and I are planning to have our honeymoon in Japan, but we were initially scared of applying for the visa since my ITR is not updated and I have no COE to submit until I read your blog. Our honeymoon will be paid for by my grandpa as his wedding gift for us. Can he act as our sponsor to guarantee our trip?

    Also, my husband is employed and we only have 100k in our joint account. Will it affect our tourist visa application?



    1. Hi! What you need is a Letter of Support that indicates that your trip is paid for by your grandfather, coupled with his Certificate of Deposit from his bank. Your future husband should also submite his Certificate of Employment plus the Certificate of Deposit from his bank for good measure. Last but not least, apply for a visa together as a couple and indicate “Honeymoon” in your Purpose for Travel. Good luck!


      1. Shane says:

        Thank you Rose! Our trip will be in September. Hope our visas will be approved. 🙂


  6. Jen says:

    Hello. Gusto kami ng ate namin papuntahin sa japan. Kapatid ko at 5 yr. Old cousin. Since, unemployed ako balak namin na 3mos kami ng cousin ko at 1mo. lang sa kapatid ko dahil may work sya. Guarantor namin si ate kasi residence na sya dun. May chance ba na ma approve visa namin 🙂


  7. Marianne says:

    Hi, ask ko lng po. Mag aaply po kasi ako ng tourist visa kasama ang friends ko, Yung dalawa, walang trabaho, wala din bank certificate at walang ITR. Posible po kayang ma-approve ang tourist visa nila?


  8. jinx says:

    Hi! I applied for japan visa last tuesday and still waiting for the result. As i read all the comments here, d ko alam kung maapprove siya. I applied for tourist visa along with my daughter who is a minor. My husband will shoulder all our expenses, so i submitted a guarantee letter and my husband’s bank certificate. But the bank balance is a few thousands less to 200k. Sabi mo kase 100k each is safe para sa show money. Since 2 kami, so dapat 200k sya. That’s why i’m having doubts. And one more thing, more than 20yrs na ang huling labas ko ng bansa, kaya blank passport ang ipinasa ko. So i think slim ang chance na maapprove kami kahit kumpleto ang mga docs na ipinasa ko. But i’m still hoping na mabigyan kami ng visa.

    I have a question. If we get denied and decided to join package tours na lang. Mas madali daw kse pag package tours, mas mahal nga lang. My question is, pwede ba kami mag-avail agad ng package tours? Or need pa rin namin maghintay ng another 6mos? And just in case na mabigyan naman kami ng visa, pwede bang hindi masunod yung itinerary ng ipinasa ko? Like for example, inilagay ko sa application ko na 7 days lang kami but we booked for 8 days. Plano ko rin sana na baguhin ang accommodations namin. Do you think that’s ok?


  9. Mara says:

    Hello! I’m planning to apply a japan visa with my grandmother this September. While filling up the application form, it requires my profession/occupation. I work as a home based graphic designer meanwhile, my employer is on USA. My concern is, do I need to submit some requirements to prove that I’m working from that company? even though we have a guarantor in Japan which is my Aunt.

    Looking forward for your answer. Thanks in advance!


    1. Yes, you do need to supply proof of employment (a Certificate of Employment and/or Income Tax Return).


  10. Zena says:

    Hi Ms Magnetic Rose,
    Thank you for your post. My son will be applying for Japan tourist visa, can i submit his application and other document to accredited travel agency in his behalf ?


  11. Gel says:

    Hello. I would like to ask if I apply this month of this december for a visit relative and if ever get approved is it possible to tour in the same month? Thanks


  12. Kaname Yuu says:

    Hi Ms Magnetic Rose!! Your blog is really helpful in giving ideas about getting japan visa application approved. I have few questions tho.. 😦

    But let me tell you my current situation:

    Single mom po ako, my son is only 1y.o.. Full-time mom po ako, I can’t apply for work kasi walang mag aalaga sa anak ko. My mom, who is in USA, wants me and my son to go to Japan and live there for at least 3 years hanggang maging citizen lang siya sa US para makuha na niya kami. She said she will finance everything basta makapunta lang kami ng Japan. I have a best friend in Japan who is a half-Japanese. Kaso she lives in Tokyo at nangungupahan lang sa share-house kasi tipid.

    Questions are:
    – Do you think po my best friend can somewhat help me and her inaanak to go to Japan and live there?
    – What do you think is the right type of visa to apply for me and my son?
    – I would actually apply for work once I get to Japan and I would enroll my son to a baby program at a kindergarten there, do you think it’s possible?
    – Another idea that I had is to get a student visa. Kaso paano ang baby ko if student visa ang kukuhain ko? Student visa din po ba siya since ieenroll ko din siya dun?
    – Since I cannot provide ITR and COE, what other requirements can I provide?

    Sobrang tagal ko na po naghahanap ng paraan para makapag Japan kami. 😦 Sana po kahit kaunting idea matulungan niyo po ako. Nag email na din kasi ako sa Japan Embassy still walang sagot. 😦 Thank you po in advance!!


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