Visit Vocaloid Manor @ Voca★Fusion!


Vocaloid Manor at Voca★Fusion: A Vocaloid and Yattemita Fan Event

Secret Garden Cafe in cooperation with Voca★Fusion is proud to present Vocaloid Manor — an event-only maid and butler cafe. Vocaloid Manor decks out your favorite Vocaloid characters as maids and butlers, who are happy to cater to your every whim.

The cafe features an array of food choices — from the deluxe cake set to the red-carpet “Dreams Come True” package. Options to make your stay more enjoyable are also available, such as polaroid photos, cafe games, and special performances.

The full experience menu can be viewed via their official Facebook page at Secret Garden Kissaten; enquiries can also be made via the fanpage. Come in your Sunday’s best, and have fun!

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